Why switch to GreenEarth® at Martinizing?


We understand it’s not always fun to switch from one product, or service, to another. If you’re like us, life is busy enough already without having to, say, try out a new dry cleaner!

Still, these days consumers are more savvy than ever. So, here are the most popular reasons our customers tell us why they started coming to one of our three Wichita-area locations:

Reason #1: We’re gentle on your clothes, and your nose!

With GreenEarth, you can see, smell and touch the difference.

With GreenEarth®, no petroleum chemicals are used whatsoever. So not only will your clothes smell great, your nose won’t scrunch when you visit us (we hope you won’t miss that “dry cleaner” odor!).

Reason #2: When we say “green earth,” we mean it!

GreenEarth Cleaning is a natural cleaning process.

In Wichita, only Martinizing uses environmentally friendly GreenEarth®. That means no toxic contaminants that have to be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. No volatile compounds that are known contributors to smog (and also EPA-monitored; gosh, that’s a lot of government monitoring!).

In short, GreenEarth by Martinizing uses no hazardous chemicals whatsoever.


Reason #3: Our pricing is as clear as our clothes are clean!

At Martinizing, each of our four Wichita-area locations will always have on display a Clear Pricing Comparison Chart. So, that stain on your shirt may have been a surprise, but our Clear Pricing won’t be!

Clear Pricing, only at Martinizing

Your Important GarmentList PriceMember Price
Laundered shirt, on hanger$3.87$3.10
2 piece suit$18.00$14.40
Blouses, designers, silks, linens (hand-pressed items)$9.00$7.20
Starch pants$10.25$8.20
Dress plain$14.00$11.20
Golf/polo shirt$6.56$5.25
Comforters: Any size
Comforters: Down
Public servant discount:
2 piece military, police, fire


Wedding Gowns, Leather, Fur and Other Speciality ItemsQuote by Owner

The Fine Print:
(good things to keep in mind on special items)

  • All alterations and repairs are set at market price. Please allow one week.
  • For comforters, coats, drapery and prom gowns, please allow 3-4 days.
  • To prevent solvent contamination from feather leakage, all down comforters are laundered.
  • For uniformity of color, all components of a matching outfit should be cleaned together. (Not all garments are color-fast, and can change color with repeated care.)
  • Water repel, special handling and other embellishments may have up-charges.
  • Wedding gowns, leather, drapes, rugs and other specialty items are not eligible for discounts.

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

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