Wichita small business wins
national environmental award. 

Nancy Staal, owner of Martinizing Dry Cleaning wins award for green practices.
In Wichita, there’s only one award-winning “green” dry cleaner.

In a city known for entrepreneurial spirit and good old-fashioned Midwest values, one Wichita-area business has been noted for both.

Nancy and Mark Staal, local owners of Martinizing Dry Cleaning, have received a national Small Business Recognition Award of environmental stewardship for their efforts in developing and running an environmentally friendly business. The award, presented May 8 by the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP), recognizes exemplary performance in developing effective methods or tools to assist small businesses in complying with environmental laws and regulations. 

“Even in high school, I can remember thinking about how my decisions would affect the environment,” says Nancy, who along with her husband Mark are lifetime Midwesterners. So, in 2005 when the decision came to move back to Kansas from Wisconsin, the Staals chose to look at a dry cleaning business opportunity that didn’t use harmful petrochemical solvents, or “percs,” to clean clothes. 

“We’re very proud to be the only Wichita dry cleaner with GreenEarth,” says Mark, noting GreenEarth uses no petrochemicals, instead relying on a natural process that uses silicone sand, from nature. “That’s why our three Martinizing stores don’t smell like a dry cleaner. “

While the Staals are gratified by the award, their environmental efforts don’t stop there. Martinizing’s e-newsletter, Freshly Pressed, provides helpful tips on garments as well as customer coupons. The new Martinizing website, wichitasdrycleaner.com, showcases GreenEarth and lets customers sign up for Martin Member benefits. And their new Facebook page has offered promotions such as $100 of free dry cleaning, and concert ticket giveaways. “We want to embrace the digital world not just to engage our customers, but to continue our paperless transition,” shares Nancy. “And every time a customer picks up fresh, clean clothes and comments about GreenEarth, we know we made the right decision.”

For more information, please contact Nancy Staal at (316) 558-8008.

Martinizing® Dry Cleaning is Wichita's only licensed dry cleaner to offer GreenEarth®, a natural cleaning process that uses sand - from nature, not volatile, toxic petrochemicals like most dry cleaners still use today.