No Hazardous Chemicals, No 'Dry Cleaning' Smell

Introducing GreenEarth®. Only at Martinizing in Wichita

GreenEarth dry cleaning is a natural cleaning process at Martinizing in Wichita, Kansas.


All dry cleaners are not created equal.
Martinizing is the only Wichita dry cleaner with GreenEarth®, a natural cleaning process that uses sand - from nature, not chemicals.


Traditional dry cleaning
For some reason, most dry cleaners still use older processes that require petroleum-based products such as perchloroethylene (“perc”), or harmful hydrocarbons to dry clean your clothes. Perc is classified as a Toxic Air Contaminant by the Environmental Protection Agency, which carefully regulates its use and disposal. Hydrocarbon is classified by the EPA as a Volatile Organic Compound, a known contributor to smog formation. Not good stuff, to say the least.

Dry Cleaning with GreenEarth®
When you bring us your dry cleaning at Martinizing, It’s not just Mother Earth (and your nose) that you’re helping. You’ll see the difference in your clothes, too. Whites don’t yellow. Colors won’t fade (not even over time). Fabrics stay soft. Shrinkage is gone. Wools aren’t “washed out.”

GreenEarth's cleaning process uses water, sand, carbon dioxide, silicone and soils.


Come into one of our four Wichita-area locations
and see, smell and touch for yourself!


How does GreenEarth® work?
GreenEarth’s natural process replaces harmful chemicals with pure liquid silicone – in essence, “liquid sand.” That’s right, the same safe, natural sand Mother Nature has been creating for six billion years. (For the budding young scientists out there, GreenEarth’s liquid silicone sand is chemically inert, which means it does not interact with fabric.) So, the GreenEarth® process actually carries the detergent to the fabric, and then carries away the dirt, all without interacting or harming your clothes!

Where is GreenEarth® in Wichita? Only at Martinizing!

"Quite frankly, a big reason why we chose to open four Wichita Martinizing stores was that we knew we’d need a really good reason for customers to try us, and being the only Wichita dry cleaner with GreenEarth® certainly provides that.”
- Nancy Staal, owner, Martinizing in Wichita"

Meet Nancy Staal, local owner of GreenEarth® by Martinizing.

Nancy Staal, owner of Martinizing Dry Cleaning wins award for green practices.
In Wichita, there’s only one award-winning “green” dry cleaner.

When you grow up on a farm in the heart of the Midwest, you just naturally want to help people. So when Nancy and husband Mark Staal found themselves heading back to Kansas from a two-year stay in Wisconsin, they asked themselves outright, “What can we do when we get back home to Wichita?”

Both strong advocates of preserving nature and the environment, The Staals quickly settled on introducing Wichita to a better, safer way to dry-clean clothes. But, why Martinizing? “It only makes sense to use the least harmful solvent available, and to try and take care of the earth. After all, it provides our well-being, our existence,” shares Nancy.

When they’re not at one of the stores, Nancy and Mark don’t mind heading for the border, where Nancy’s fluent Spanish comes in handy during their Caribbean getaways. Beyond the occasional junket to Mexico, they’d just as soon prefer to “fall off the radar” in their spare time, and relax a bit.

Though their college days may seem far away (both have Master degrees: Mark an MBA from the University of South Dakota, Nancy a Masters of Science in Education from Kansas State), they still give credit to their education in providing a well-rounded understanding of developing and managing a business. Still, Nancy’s quick to point out they’re still learning. “You’d think with over 50 years of dry cleaning experience among all our team, we’d pretty much know everything,” says Nancy. “But then you come in and run in to a new situation, or opportunity, and you realize you’re never too old to learn!”